Welcome to the Sass & Spice Cooking School. We love food…. a lot (you could possibly class it as an obsession). And more importantly, we love to share our love of food!

Join us and let us teach you the skills to become a culinary genius. We believe that cooking should be a fun, relaxed, and most of all a delicious experience. With our passion and knowledge, we can teach you the skills and confidence to bring some Sass to your kitchen so you’ll be impressing your family and friends in no time!

Our food is vibrant, bold and bursting with the flavours of all types of herbs and spices. So our courses can take you on a culinary journey exploring the flavours of the world from the Spanish delights of tapas to North African tagines and of course the spicy, mouthwatering flavours of Asia.

We offer a range of bespoke cooking lessons in the Buckinghamshire and West London areas. Our courses can be designed to cater to your own specific preferences  and dietary needs. We can provide individual lessons or group bookings for a fun and informative party.

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