Hi and welcome! I’m Bhavini and Sass & Spice was born from my obsession with food.

I have loved food since I can remember and being raised in a culture where food was central to our family and life, I was lucky enough to experience the rich and diverse flavours of international cuisine at an early age.

I recently graduated the prestigious and amazing Leiths School of Food and Wine where I was able to develop my culinary skills to a professional level. Graduating with a Distinction in the foundation course, I have since had some outlandish experiences in restaurants & catering kitchens.

However, I quickly realised that sharing my knowledge in food and cooking was where I was at my most happiest. And so, the idea for the Sass & Spice cookery school was established.

I’ve been very lucky to travel the world and relished all the different cuisines I’ve tried. So my cooking aims to include authentic and distinct flavours that stay true to each cuisine. I’m also keen on keeping food fresh, nutritious and healthy, so I always aim to cook with these elements in mind.

I hope that you will come and join us for some fun times and most importantly some delicious food… cooked by yourself of course!


Let us know what you think....

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